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American Samoa [standard | high resolution]

Australia, Eastern  [standard | high resolution]

Belau [standard | high resolution]

China [standard | high resolution]

Cook Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Federated States of Micronesia [standard | high resolution]

Fiji  [standard | high resolution]

 French Polynesia  [standard | high resolution]

Guam  [standard | high resolution]

Hawaii  [standard | high resolution]

Hong Kong  [standard | high resolution]

Japan  [standard | high resolution]

Kiribati  [standard | high resolution]

Marshall Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Nauru  [standard | high resolution]

New Caledonia  [standard | high resolution]

Niue  [standard | high resolution]

Northern Mariana Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Papua New Guinea  [standard | high resolution]

Pitcairn Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Solomon Islands  [standard | high resolution]

Taiwan  [standard | high resolution]

Tokelau  [standard | high resolution]

Tonga  [standard | high resolution]

Tuvalu  [standard | high resolution]

Vanuatu  [standard | high resolution]

Wallis and Futuna  [standard | high resolution]

Western Samoa  [standard | high resolution]

Top Coral Reef News
New study shows coral reef fish do not mind 3-D-printed corals
Researchers across the globe are searching for ways to help endangered reefs, and the animals that live there, withstand or recover from weather events, including bleaching and storms that can occur ... more info

3D-printed coral reef condos get 2 fins up from fish
As coral reef systems suffer devastating acidification across the globe, researchers have been scrambling to not only save the crucial ocean features but also their ecologically diverse inhabitants. more info

Half the World’s Coral Reefs Already Have Been Killed by Climate Change
That makes delicate coral reefs around the world something of a leading indicator for the collapse of the ocean ecosystem. Half of all reef systems have already been destroyed, putting a quarter of ... more info

Oyster reefs are making a comeback–by protecting coasts from the ravages of climate change
Oyster reefs are natural barriers that protect shorelines from erosion, tides and storm surge. They knock down the height and force of waves, but they've been decimated by a century of overharvesting ... more info

Coral-tracking satellites monitor reef bleaching in near-real time
Hawaii’s coral reefs are in danger. A major marine heat wave that began in August is bleaching corals across the state, from the western shores of Kauai to the Big Island’s Kona coast. Scientists are ... more info

What Did Hurricane Dorian Do to the Bahamas’ Coral Reefs?
As the people of the Bahamas struggle to recover from Hurricane Dorian, the strongest storm in the nation’s history, a team of scientists is setting out to assess the damage to the vibrant coral reefs ... more info

Brazil: No bids received for oil fields near coral reef
RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The Brazilian government has failed to auction four oil fields located near one of the nation's biggest coral reef systems. Seventeen companies participated in the 36-block ... more info

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